RMH is NOT just another mixer wagon..

The RMH is an integrated feeding system that will transform a wasteful, outdated method for feeding dairy cows into a highly efficient, cost-saving process.

You are currently using at least 2 of these machines    > > > > > >    RMH Offers COMPLETE Integration!

The power of ONE vs the ineffiency of 3

50 years of equipment innovation

We understand that NO ONE can afford to be casual about making large capital investments.   Equipment is very expensive and the American Dairymen needs to know that he’s  getting  a sturdy, dependable machine that will endure the constant pounding farm equipment is subjected to on a daily basis.

Rest assured that this innovative platform is not some, “Franken-feeder” or a new prototype that just rolled out of some Dairyman’s workshop!  The RMH is manufactured by Lachish Ind. an Israeli Company established in 1956 and publicly traded on the Tel-Aviv stock market.  Lachish has been developing advanced feeding technologies for over 50 years and developed the very first self propelled, self-loading mixer feeder in 1981!

  • In 1981, RMH Lachish Industries invented the first self-propelled, self-loading machine
  • Since then they have been committed to updating and improving their equipment to meet the requirements of dairy farms around the world.
  • Recently entered into US market and is available from Jones Equipment Company!

But don’t just take our word for it

PROFI magazine, a leading professional magazine about agricultural machinery and technology in the UK has written an article justifying the choice of self-propelled feeders. Click here to download the article in a PDF format.