1. The VSL range is specifically designed for lower farm buildings.
  2. With three sizes of mixer available, this range is flexible enough to be able to feed small to medium size farms.
  3. The mixers have all the attributes of its larger VS family, but they are lowered in height by a modified chassis.
  4. The unloading doors are situated in the front corners of the tub with a short conveyor and/or elevator.
  5. The VSL mixers still have the large lorry-type wheels for rough terrain and road work.


  1. The fastest chopper in the world that boasts the advantage of maintaining fiber structure for all your roughage
  2. Uniformity – The mix is homogenous and consistent every time
  3. Clamp Face Management – One step operation, reduces dry matter losses of forages and uniform loading.
  4. Loading all feed types with high accuracy
  5. Easy access to engine for servicing
  6. Save cost and time – Loading, mixing, transporting, and discharge all with one machine.

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