1. The VS18, VS20 and VS22 offer large capacity using a single auger tub.
  2. Strength and durability of build offer farmers a superb all-in-one mixer.
  3. With no need for loader, tractor and trailed mixer, the self-propelled, self-loading
  4. VS range gives large savings in time, labour and fuel costs, as well as eliminating wastage during loading.
  5. The unique designed cutting head speeds down through the silage clamp leaving the face tidy and clean and also has the ability to load bales and straights.
  6. There are choices in unloading, including door positions and conveyor systems.
  7. Tried and tested over many years, this range is successfully feeding cows throughout the world.


  1. The fastest chopper in the world that boasts the advantage of maintaining fiber structure for all your roughage
  2. Uniformity – The mix is homogenous and consistent every time
  3. Clamp Face Management – One step operation, reduces dry matter losses of forages and uniform loading.
  4. Loading all feed types with high accuracy
  5. Easy access to engine for servicing
  6. Save cost and time – Loading, mixing, transporting, and discharge all with one machine.

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