1. Long distance distribution
  2. Reduced waste
  3. Improved milk production – better herd health
  4. Quicker & more even feed discharge
  5. Improved mixing box cleaning
  6. An energy efficient machine
  7. Extremely high reliability & low maintenance costs
  8. Long & longer lasting bin & auger
  9. Improved feed quality
  10. Automated farm & road modes
  11. Farm management software package
  12. Damage-proofed vehicle
  13. Greater driver visibility
  14. Maximum operator efficiency
  15. A user-friendly machine
  16. Customized performance according to farmer’s needs
  17. Real-time, remote machine diagnostics
  18. Safety and environmental regulations
  19. Reduced feeding cycle time 1 – improved loading


  1. The fastest chopper in the world that boasts the advantage of maintaining fiber structure for all your roughage.
  2. Built in conveyer with three optional positions for best and most efficiently delivery of food.
  3. Fully computerized user friendly, esy to operate, monitor control panel.
  4. Elevated able cabin for optimal wide range view.
  5. 4-wheel steering for difficult reach corners on the farm
  6. Easy access to engine for servicing.

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