Feeding with RMH at Jones Family Farm

Facer at Jones Family Farm

How Much Could You Be Saving?

If your farm is like ours, feed is your number one cost! We’ve developed a handy interactive spreadsheet calculator to help you see the savings an RMH Self feeder provides.

The excel spreadsheet allows you to plug in numbers that pertain to YOUR OWN SPECIFIC  DAIRY OPERATION.  Variables like, herd size, silage cost, commodity costs, fuel, labor, (even interest & depreciation etc.), are included.

This calculator demonstrates that, when you factor in the, ‘economies of scale’ typical in most dairy operations with, efficiency over time even modest percentage improvements add up to significant yearly savings!

Click the spreadsheet icon below to download the Excel spreadsheet and start understanding  the yearly savings benefit  RMH users get over conventional feeding methods.

Download the savings calculator by clicking on the ICON and/or link below. This will automatically start downloading the Excel Spreadsheet to your computer. If this does not, right click on the link and select “save link as” to start the download.  You will need Microsoft Excel software to view this calculator.