Below is a simple Q&A that answers many of the questions you might have concerning this innovative, (yet unfamiliar), platform. If you don’t find what you need, don’t hesitate to call us at (800) 801 – 2082 or email us at to talk to one of our sales representatives!

The RMH is a lot more expensive than my mixer wagon. Will I get a return on my investment?

In an, ‘apples to apples’ comparison you’d be right! However, the machine you’re evaluating is NOT a mixer wagon, it’s a, ‘fully integrated feeding system’. In a side by side comparison when a dairyman considers the sum cost of all the machinery this platform adds or replaces, (i.e., -tractor, trailer mounted mixer (or mixer wagon) loader, defacer/ telehandler), we’re looking at a feeding solution that is, (comparatively speaking), right in line with the feeding equipment costs involved using conventional methods.

If you’re interested in seeing how much money you could be saving, check out our savings calculator.

What are the benefits of RMH equipment?

Lachish Ind. developed the RMH platform with the assumption that feed and fuel is expensive and volatile, (with unpredictable spikes in feed & fuel costs that happen without warning)!

Therefore, RMH is designed to manage feed, fuel, (and other, peripherally related feeding costs) far more efficiently than conventional methods. When one considers the superior performance and manifold benefits the platform provides in terms of:

  1. Reduced Labor costs.
  2. Reduced Fuel costs.
  3. Reduced Dry Matter losses.
  4. Reduced Shrink loss
  5. Reduced Load error.
  6. Reduced injury
  7. Reduced Loader hours

we begin to see the dramatic advantages this platform offers you over conventional feeding methods and the money you save at the end of the day.

I haven’t heard of Lachish RMH before, can I trust their equipment?

The RMH is manufactured by Lachish Ind. an Israeli Company established in 1956 and publicly traded on the Tel-Aviv stock market. Lachish has been developing advanced feeding technologies for over 50 years and developed the very first self propelled, self-loading mixer feeder in 1981!

The entire RMH line of self propelled, self loading machines have ISO & DLG certification!

The ISO, (International Organization for Standardization), is the world’s largest quality standards developer since 1947 and is considered the hallmark of quality products and services. In order to acquire ISO certification a manufacturer must demonstrate quality and dependability of their products, (through rigorous testing and analysis).

The DLG, (German Agricultural Society) is the leading organization in the Agricultural and Food sectors with a mandate to promote technical and scientific progress and share knowledge and expertise with International practitioners, experts and other organizations worldwide.
Part of the service it provides is to test machinery and farm equipment. DLG testing practices are rigorous and based on International norms & standards, (with many testing techniques developed in-house).

What are other farmers saying about RMH equipment?

There is perhaps no more compelling endorsement of your products reliability than the experience related by actual users. The Videos section of our website includes the “Pioneering Profiles” video which allows you to hear what Dairymen have to say about the RMH in their own words.