RMH In Action at Jones Family Farm

RMH In Action

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Jones Equipment Company, LLC is a family owned and operated business located in Massey, Maryland.

Jones Equipment Company, LLC
12667 Massey Road
Massey, Maryland

Toll Free: 800 – 801 – 2082
Email: info@jonesequipmentcompany.com

The company was formed after Sean Jones, Manager of the Jones Family Farm visited Israel in1998 and observed that the dairy farmers had become much more efficient in feeding dairy cows due to the higher price of feed. Sean came back to the US excited about a self-propelled mixer feeder that farmers were using in Israel. This machine was was an RMH – Lachish Industries mixer.

When it was time to replace the existing truck-mounted machine used by the Jones Family Farm, Sean decided to invest in an RMH mixer. At that time his father, Lester “Bucky” Jones was convinced that not only would the RMH machine be of benefit to Jones Family Farm but also to other dairymen in the United States.

Bucky Jones and Mike Brady, a long time partner in the dairy equipment business, along with his wife Diane and their children Sean, Andy, Cathy Baskett, and David formed Jones Equipment Co LLC. The company is the US distributor for RMH Equipment.

Since purchasing their first machine in 2006, the Jones Family Farm has used the machine to feed 1200 milk cows and 1200 heifers efficiently and cost-effectively.


Lachish Industries Ltd. is an Israeli company established in 1956, and since then has been actively involved in providing services to the agricultural sector by manufacturing and developing cattle feeding machinery to comply with the needs of the dairy farming and feedlot industry.

Lachish Industries mixer are recognised worldwide under the brand name RMH Lachish Industries mixer feeders have ISO 9002 approval by the Standards Institute of Israel, C.E. and the German D.L.G., T.U.V. approvals, as well as the French standard M.I.N.E. The company’s technology is based on experience in dairy farms in Israel and world-wide, starting from the beginning of the 1960s with the trailer mixer feeders and continuing into the 1980s with the self-propelled self-loading mixer feeders. In 1981 Lachish Industries invented the first self-propelled self-loading machine and since then the company has developed a wise range of models and applications to meet the requirements of dairy farms. Lachish machines apply the T.M.R. feeding system by two methods: VERTICAL & HORIZONTAL. The company is a public company trading on the Israel Stock Exchange in Tel Aviv.

Website: www.lachish.com