1. Optimum knife position
  2. Mixes blends and chops root crops
  3. Elevator options to feed all farms
  4. Efficient mix – clamp or bale silage
  5. Can chop all large bales
  6. Full width auger base
  7. Standard weighing system included
  8. Rolled steel chassis
  9. Flush fit door
  10. Unique overlapping auger design
  11. Triple axle system – two steering
  12. Triple auger 30 – 45m3

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    There is a choice of elevator systems available – from a cross conveyor feeding either side to a folding elevator for feeding into a trough. All discharge systems are usually fitted at the front of the mixer, but they may also be positioned at the rear. RMH mixers can also have the unique conveyor system which allows discharging to both sides simultaneously. For on-floor feeding only, there may be no need for a conveyor system and here there is a choice in both the number and position of doors. Additionally, an extra rear door offers the opportunity to unload blends very quickly.

    There is a wide choice in options on the size and type of wheels fitted to each mixer. Machines can be raised or lowered to suit the requirements of buildings and trough heights. Changes can also be made depending on the distances travelled by the mixer each day.

    All RMH mixers are fitted with the unique design auger for efficient and effective mixing of all ingredients. RMH augers have more blades per auger and the height of this auger in relation to the height of the tub is critical. The augers are driven by 90 degree gearboxes and all mixers 10 cubic metres and above have a front two speed gearbox fitted as standard. In twin and triple auger mixers, RMH have developed the overlapping auger design to ensure complete mixing between the augers.

    Weighing systems are fitted as standard on the RMH mixer and the basic weighbox gives accurate measurements of materials loaded and unloaded. There are options on a programmable weighbox and/or a radio controlled system. The Feed Navigator is a PC-based system, programmable at the PC or on the machine. It allows for correct rationing and mixing linked to stock control of ingredients and time management information.

    RMH mixers are available with single axle, twin sprung axle, twin steering axle and triple axle with two axles steering. The type of axle fitted will allow a smooth ride of mixer, long distance road work, ability to spread the load for least damage to land surfaces and/or the ability to turn into awkward areas.

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