The Future is Here!

RMH from Lachish Industries, LTD ( is the world’s first self-propelled, self-loading, mixer/feeder. A single dedicated machine to accurately load, uniformly mix, efficiently transport and effectively discharge feed to your dairy cows!

This “battle-tested” machine has been a successful part of the European Ag landscape for over 25 years & is NOW AVAILABLE for the FIRST TIME IN THE US!

US feed prices are at record levels!

  • CornĀ  $4/bu
  • Beans $12/bu
  • Soybean Meal $380+

There has never been a better time to consider investing in a machine that can provide considerable savings and benefits.

  • Reduces Feed Losses! NO MORE SPILLED FEED
  • Replaces or adds Facer!
  • Replaces truckĀ  or tractor & mixer!
  • Reduces Loader Hours!
  • Provides more accurate feeding!